• How often do I need to service my RV?
    The frequency of servicing a towable RV, such as a travel trailer or fifth wheel, is similar to that of a motorized RV. However, there are some differences to consider since towable RVs do not have an engine or chassis of their own. Here are some general guidelines for servicing a towable RV: 1. Regular … Continued
  • Top RV Parts & Accessories for your First Time Out Camping
    Another good resource for First Time RVing is: https://www.gorving.com/this-is-rving/activities/first-timers-rv-tool-kit When preparing for your first trip in a new RV, there are a few top RV Parts and Accessories that you’ll want to make sure you have on hand. Here are some of the top RV parts & accessories needed for a first trip out camping: … Continued
  • Determining what vehicle can tow your RV
    For our towing guide visit: https://www.hemlockhillrv.com/tow-guides Here are some steps to follow to find the right vehicle for towing an RV: 1. Determine the weight (GVWR) of the RV: The first step is to find out the weight of your RV, including its cargo, water tanks, and any other additional equipment. This information is typically … Continued
  • Cost Comparison of RVing vs Traditional Travel
    A new study conducted by CBRE Hotels Advisory Group reveals that RV vacations are significantly cheaper than other forms of vacation travel, even when considering fuel prices and the cost of RV ownership. The study analyzed various travel options and found average cost savings of up to 60% for a 4-person travel party and up … Continued
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