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Why Finance Your RV?

Whenyou finance your purchase instead of liquidating assets or paying cash,you maintain your personal financial flexibility. Plus, your RV mayqualify for some of the same tax benefits as a second home mortgage. Ofcourse, check with your tax advisor, but basically to qualify for thesebenefits, such as the deductibility of interest on the loan, the RVmust be used as security for the loan along with providing basic
livingaccommodations such as a sleeping area, bathroom and cookingfacilities. Remember, the RV is considered a qualified second residenceas long as you designate it for each tax year.

What Are the Advantages of Financing Through a RV Lending Specialist?

Downpayments are lower - Although final terms are determined based on yourcredit profile and the age, type and cost of the RV being purchased,financing through RV lenders usually requires down payments in the 10%range.

Finance terms are longer / Monthly payments are lower -Because RV finance specialists know that RVs maintain their value andresale appeal, they tend to offer more attractive terms. In fact, it'snot uncommon to find 15-20 year repayment schedules to help you affordthe RV of your dreams.

How Does RV Financing Compare With Other Payment Options?

Borrowingagainst an owned home is not an option unless the money is useddirectly for that home. Home mortgage interest deduction is restrictedto interest paid on mortgage debt used to purchase or improve aresidence, or to refinance the remaining balance on a purchase orimprovement. The purchase of an RV, therefore, does not qualify forthis deduction. Home equity loans limit the amount of interest that isdeductible, if your RV loan balance exceeds $100,000. Home mortgageinterest deduction is limited to interest paid on home equity loans upto $100,000.

The Last Word on RV Financing

YourRV might actually cost you less in the end if you finance yourpurchase. By not tapping into your financial assets to purchase the RV,you can take advantage of attractive new investment opportunities thatmight come along and the earnings from those investments canpotentially exceed the cost of your RV financing. The bottom line isthat if you are thinking of buying an RV, you should check financingoptions to maximize your purchase enjoyment. You'll be on the roadenjoying your new RV before you know it!

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What Our Customers Say

Rich Frigon from Ludlow Mass

Thanks so much for taking my call and we appreciate your time. Why I recommend people to your dealership is because of the integrity and trust you have earned over the years with us. While we only bought one coach from you, it had some issues and you fixed everything without any stress for us and have treated our referred friends extremely well. The Warner’s said that they had a great buying experience. Everything that you have said you would do over the years you have followed through on. While other dealers are looking for ways to screw their customers, you find ways to value the relationship and take care of the customer. My bunk house side out situation is a good example of that and your willingness to listen to our story, trust in our relationship, look at the facts, and then step in and offer to buy the parts for us sets you and Hemlock Hill apart for other dealers that just don’t get customer service or understand the right thing to do. While dealers across the country are closing, your dealership is very busy because your business model is based on integrity. On another matter, when I called in yesterday and talked with Sandy in service, 4 years later she remembered me, she was pleasant, listened to my concerns about our bunkhouse and referred me to you and then Jason if you were not in. It is great to see stability in your workforce as the three people we knew, yourself, Jason, and Sandy are still there.

Thanks so much for your help and I’m really hoping that you can work things out with Jim and Bonnie. I’ll send the pictures along sometime today or tonight.

Rich Frigon

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